Your security is our concern

Security is important with an online system and we take care of this at fullest.  Our users can count on a performant that complies with the newest requirements on security and reliability.  Now and in the future.  Hereby we provide you with an overview of all actions we take to fullfill with these requirements.

A reliable platform

Deskflow collaborates closely with Microsoft Azure to deliver its platform for users.  Automatic back-ups are being created of all user data, including the complete platform.  Thanks to the many years of experience that Microsoft has in security and infrastructure we can count on 99,9 % uptime. With this we can be sure to deliver a guaranteed cloud service that meets todays demands.

Encryption for your data

A security key connects your session with the platform of Deskflow and encrypts all data live.  This way all data can be safely entered without external systems being able to intercept any data.  Deskflow’s users can count on a safe usage of Deskflow.


THe data centers of Microsoft Azure where Deskflow is located are all within European borders.  All data are kept within these borders.  Together with our detection and reaction plan to prevent possible data leaks we are prepared for the European GDPR legislation that will take effect on the 25th of March 2018.