Follow up and manage projects

A good projectmanagement system is essential to anticipate on unwanted additional work and costs.  A clear overview on your project – with all revenue, expenses, tasks and phases – is provided with the necessary diagnoses to take the right decisions.

The correct information stored in a central place that you can consult on every device.  Inform every remote working site or followup meetings on the go. Take the lead in the entire process of your projects.  DeskFlow enables a transparent project administration. You divide projects into individual tasks, define deadlines while constantly maintaining an overview.

  • follow up tasks within each project
  • link purchase and sales invoices
  • manage phases of every type of project
  • invoice directly from efforts
  • timetracking tools
  • detailed diagnostics and calculation
  • overviews

Manage customers and suppliers?

Easy inventory management?

DeskFlow enables a clear overview of all your customers, suppliers and prospects and their activities.

Manage your stock with the smart inventory system from Deskflow. Automatically order from suppliers and generate production tasks.