Professional e-invoicing made easy for you

Printing and sending invoices by post or e-mail requires manual operations.  Once printed the invoice needs to be filed into your accounting system.  Each invoice has a cost which can be eliminated by automating these administrative steps by using the electronic proces within Deskflow.  Create and follow up your invoices with automated payment reminders.  Create your own layout using Word and generate custom made invoices. It’s that easy.

  • manage offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices
  • generate work orders and bill them
  • manage contracts and bill automatically in periods
  • schedule tasks and reminders through the agenda
  • send documents through e-mail or make PDF’s
  • manage the layout of your documents throughout MS Word
  • integrated messages and tasks
  • extensive diagnostics

Manage customers centrally?

Easy inventory management

DeskFlow enables a clear overview of all your customers, suppliers and prospects and their activities.

Manage your inventory using Deskflow smart inventory management.  Automatically order from suppliers and generate production tasks.