Manage prospects, customers and suppliers

CRM of customer relationship management is the strategy that places the customer as a central point of vue.  Customer is king and is central in your daily management.  By managing your customers more efficient you can create better sales and help them more with their requirements.  DeskFlow enables a clear view on all of your prospects, customers and suppliers with their respective activities.

  • manage customers and suppliers
  • register and follow-up all your leads
  • create notes and never forget a single thing
  • create tasks and appointments
  • ticketing system for complaint handling
  • link documents to your relations
  • keep track of unpaid invoices
  • send payment reminders
  • overviews and diagnostics

E-invoicing ready

Easy management of your inventory?

Deskflow simplifies your order follow-up.  Manage your complete sales-pipeline and control every step within this proces, from quote to invoice.

Manage your inventory with the smart tools of Deskflow.  Create automatic orders to suppliers or manage your internal production proces.