Cloud software

Your advantages

  • Work from any location and with any device
  • Fixed price per month or per year
  • No start-up, maintenance nor installation costs
  • New features and updates every month
  • Integration with trusted partners such as Office365, Google Apps, VoIP, …
CRM that goes beyond just managing clients

Lift customer management to a higher level. Deskflow integrates all client information in one place and links it to every single phase within your company process. Add your own fields, check the balance of your outstandings, link invoicing and delivery addresses, make notes and tasks, register your communications, …

Inventory management under control, even with different locations

Create single or assembled products, use one or more locations, auto resupply from ongoing orders and deliveries, … Go for nothing less than a complete solution where manual calculations and spreadsheets are in the past for good.

Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Project management
Project management
Control tasks, spendings and earnings within projects

Project management shouldn’t be that hard and time consuming. Create sales documents from within your project or on the fly. Keep your planning under control with the built-in calendar and extensive task management. Your team will be more productive with the smart project management of Deskflow

Invoicing with payment follow-up

Work in your own unique way within Deskflow. Create quotes, orders, delivery notes and work orders in a few clicks. Invoicing will follow on your order process to ensure nothing will be left out.  Invoice one by one or create a collective invoice. Extensive follow-up and reporting for all outstandings. Stay in pole position of your company.


Works seamlessly with trusted partners

What our clients say about us

“Price/quality Deskflow is the best on the market today.”

“Our monthly and yearly invoicing is better organized now. We gain time each month!”

“We work so much faster than in the past. The direct link with our accountancy ensures huge time gain.”